• Easy to Use
  • Unique kit in the market
  • Risk free, simple to use and non-invasive in vitro test
  • Can use frozen blood samples


Based on its unique proprietary biomarkers, ImProDia is developing the Impro-Test™ kit series, which include several kits to detect the state of the immune system functionality and the severity of the inflammation in patients suffering from various diseases by means of a simple, rapid, reliable and non-invasive blood test.

The Impro-Test™ kit series will enable monitoring disease regression/recurrence, selecting the type and timing of a treatment and checking the efficacies of a given therapy. All of these will result in an improved patients’ quality of life and in a dramatic decrease in treatment expenses.

Improdia’s kit Advantages:

It provides accurate and specific information for personalized treatment, the goal of modern medicine
  • Distinguish between acute and chronic inflammation
  • Detect and monitor individual’s immune status in a single, simple, rapid and reliable blood test
  • Predict responders versus non-responders (treatment efficacy)
  • Predict complications appearance before they are evident
  • Follow therapy efficacy
  • Follow disease regression and recurrence
  • A risk-free, non-invasive in vitro test
  • Can use frozen blood samples
  • Unique kit in the market