Chronic inflammation is one of the major side effects of various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, auto-immune and cardiovascular diseases. One of the most serious outcomes of chronic inflammation is immune dysfunction; immune cells that create the inflammatory environment, damage the immune system and thus, expose the body to complications directly related to the disease or other harmful factors, exploiting the suppressed conditions of the immune system. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for new tools to evaluate the immune status and inflammatory stage of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Our Technology will distinguish between acute and chronic inflammation

Improdia’s novel technology has enormous potential both as a Prognostic/Diagnostic kit for a wide range of chronic inflammatory diseases and as a key tool for pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs for Cancer, Alzheimer, Heart Disease, Rheumatology and Pulmonary diseases. The technology shows a high correlation between the presence of chronic inflammation and the progression of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes and others.

Current tests for measuring the immune status and the inflammation state lack important data needed by both physicians and pharmaceutical companies

The technology will enable the monitoring of an individual’s immune status, and oversee disease regression, recurrence and treatment response.

The technology will help to identify patients who are most likely to be benefit from a particular therapeutic treatment and to predict the occurrence of complications before they are evident