Impaired SNX9 Expression in Immune Cells during Chronic Inflammation: Prognostic and Diagnostic Implications.

Ish-Shalom E., Meirow Y., Sade-Feldman M., Kanterman J., Wang L., Mizrahi O., Klieger Y., Baniyash M.
Journal of. Immunology., 2016, 196: 156-167
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Adverse Immunoregulatory Effects of 5FU and CPT11 Chemotherapy on Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Colorectal Cancer Outcomes.

Kanterman J., Sade-Feldman M., Biton M., Ish-Shalom E., Lasry A., Goldshtein A., Hubert A. and Baniyash M.
Cancer Research. Nov 2014; 74(21):6022-35
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Clinical Significance of Circulating CD33+CD11b+HLA-DR- Myeloid Cells in Patients with Stage IV Melanoma Treated with Ipilimumab.

Sade-Feldman M., Kanterman J., Klieger Y., Ish-Shalom E., Olga M., Saragovi A., Shtainberg H., Lotem M., Baniyash M.
Clinical Cancer Research; 2016, 22(23); 5661-72
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Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells as Intruders and Targets: Clinical Implications in Cancer Therapy

Baniyash M.
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, Jul. 2016, 65(7): 857–867
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Chronic Inflammation, Immunosuppression and Cancer: New Insights and Outlook.

Baniyash M.
Seminars in Cancer Biology, Feb 2006, 16(1):80-88.
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CD247, a Novel T Cell-Derived Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker for Detecting Disease Progression and Severity in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Eldor R., Klieger Y., Sade-Feldman M., Vaknin I., Varfolomeev I., Fuchs C. and Baniyash M.
Diabetes Care, Jan. 2015; 38(1): 113-118
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Immune Biomarkers for Chronic Inflammation Related Complications in Non-Cancerous and Cancerous Diseases

Meirow Y., Baniyash M.
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, Aug. 2017, 66(8): 1089–1101
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Paving the Road to Tumor Development and Spreading: Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells are Ruling the Fate.

Meirow Y., Kanterman J. and Baniyash M
Frontiers in Immunology, Oct. 2015; 6: Art. 523:1-12
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Sustained Exposure to Bacterial Antigen Induces Interferon-γ-Dependent T Cell Receptor ζ Down-Regulation and Impaired T Cell Function

Bronstein-Sitton N., Cohen-Daniel L., Vaknin I., Ezernitchi V., Leshem B., Halabi A., Houri-Hadad Y., Greenbaum E., Zakay-Rones Z., Shapira L. & Baniyash M.
Nature Immunology, Oct. 2003, Vol. 4 (10): 957-964
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TCR Zeta-Chain Downregulation: Curtailing an Excessive Inflammatory Immune Response.

Baniyash M.
Nature Reviews, Immunology, Sep. 2004, 4: 675-687.
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New Insights into Chronic Inflammation-Induced Immunosuppression

Kanterman J., Sade-Feldman M. , Baniyash M.
Seminars in Cancer Biology, Aug. 2012 (4):307-318
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Unique ζ-Chain Motifs Mediate a Direct TCR-Actin Linkage Critical for Immunological Synapse Formation and T-Cell Activation.

Klieger Y., Almogi-Hazan O., Ish-Shalom E., Pato A., Pauker M.H., Barda-Saad M., Wang L., Baniyash M.
European Journal of Immunology, Jan. 2014; 44(1): 58-68.
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TCR Zeta Down-Regulation under Chronic Inflammation is mediated by Myeloid Suppressor Cells Differentially Distributed between Various Lymphatic Organs.

Ezernitchi A.V., Vaknin I., Cohen-Daniel L., Levy O., Manaster E., Halabi A., Pikarsky E., Shapira L., Baniyash M.
The Journal of Immunology, Oct. 2006, 177(7): 4763-4772.
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Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Blocks Differentiation and Enhances Suppressive Activity of Immature Myeloid Cells During Chronic Inflammation.

Sade-Feldman M., Kanterman J., Ish-Shalom E., Elnekave M., Horwitz E., Baniyash M.
Immunity, Mar. 2013, 38(3): 541-554
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Chronic Inflammation and Cancer: Suppressing the Suppressors

Baniyash M., Sade-Feldman M., Kanterman J.
Cancer Immunology. Immunotherapy, Jan. 2014, 63(1): 11-20
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Cyclophosphamide Promotes Chronic Inflammation-Dependent Immunosuppression and Prevents Antitumor Response in Melanoma.

Sevko A., Sade-Feldman M., Kanterman J., Michels T., Falk C.S., Umansky L., Ramacher M., Kato M., Schadendorf D., Baniyash M., Umansky V.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Jun. 2013, 133(6):1610-1619.
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Chronic Inflammation Promotes Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell Activation Blocking Antitumor Immunity in Transgenic Mouse Melanoma Model

Meyer C., Sevko A., Ramacher M., Bazhin A.V., Falk C.S., Osen W., Borrello I., Kato M., Schadendorf D., Baniyash M., Umansky V.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS), Oct. 2011, 108(41): 17111-7116.
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Quantitative Flow Cytometry: Concerns and Recommendations in Clinic and Research

Mizrahi O., Ish Shalom E., Baniyash M., Kliege Y.
Clinical Cytometry, Cytometry Part B, Feb. 2017, 94(2).
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Expression of the T Cell Antigen Receptor Z Chain Following Activation Is Controlled at Distinct Checkpoints Implications for Cell Surface Receptor Down-Modulation and Re-Expression

Bronstein-Sitton N., Wang L., Cohen L., and Baniyash M.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Aug. 1999, Vol. 274(33): 23659–23665
Full PDF

Molecular Cloning of the Zeta Chain of the T Cell Antigen Receptor.

Weissman A.M., Baniyash M., Hou D., Samelson L.E., Burgess W.H., Klausner R.D.
Science, Feb. 1988, 239(4843):1018-1021
Full PDF

The Role of the Zeta Chain in the Expression, Structure and Function of the T Cell Receptor

Klausner R.D., Weissman A.M., Baniyash M., Bonifacino J.S., Samelson L.E.
Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation II, 1989, 254: 21-24.
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