• Model system for TCR zeta (ƺ) chain down-regulation
    EP1708565- Granted.
  • Kit/Method for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring the immune status, of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases
    US9188588/ EP2274615- Granted & US20160209424(CIP)- Under Examination.


  • CD247 as a biomarker for assessing the effect of chemotherapeutic and biological drugs
    US20170370932/ EP2834640- Under Examination.


  • SNX9 as a novel Biomarker for Chronic Inflammation and associated Immunosuppression and a new Regulator of T cell Receptor Expression and Function
    US20140037659/ EP2671079- Under Examination.


  • Methods for prediction and monitoring cancer patients` response to treatment by measuring Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs)

          US2017261507/ EP3215844- Under Examination.