Improdia is an innovative, diagnostic company that develops clusters of novel proprietary biomarkers for monitoring the Immune Status of patients suffering from diseases associated with Chronic Inflammation.

Improdia was established based on a project conceived in the Department of Immunology under Prof. Michal Baniyash at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

ImProDia’s R&D is focusing on transferring its  technology from the bench to a clinical prototype that can be successfully used in multi-central trials. The emphasis of the work  revolves around product establishment and characterization, process standardization and quality control validation.

Improdia’s novel technology has enormous potential both as a Prognostic/Diagnostic kit for a wide range of chronic inflammatory diseases and as a key tool for pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs for Cancer, Alzheimer, Heart Disease, Rheumatology and Pulmonary diseases.

The technology enables the tracking of  disease regression, recurrence and treatment response, and of an individual’s immune status.

The technology will help to identify patients who are most likely to be benefit from a particular therapeutic treatment and to predict the occurrence of complications  before they are evident.