Improdia is an innovative, diagnostic company that is developing a simple blood test, that through monitoring the immune status of cancer patients predicts efficiency of immunotherapy when combined with cannabis, it also identifies diabetic patients at risk to develop future complications.

There is an increase use of cannabis to help cancer patient overcome some of the anti-cancer treatments side effects. However, in some of the patients it was shown that cannabis negatively affects the response to immunotherapy.  Improdia’s technology will allow the predication of the cancer patients that will benefit from the combined treatment.


In addition, Improdia’s test outcome will enable physicians to identify possible complications diabetic patients and predict fatal complications such as heart attack.


Our novel blood-based test supports the diagnosis and management of chronic immune-mediated diseases. Improdia’s technology is based on a wide research performed under supervision of Prof. Michal Baniyash, from Immunology department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Improdia in vitro diagnostic products measure several biomarkers by a simple, rapid, reliable and non-invasive blood test.


Improdia’s creative technology has enormous potential uses; as a Prognostic/Diagnostic test, which can help pharma companies in their drug development process or to suggest a personalized treatment to patients and to predict patient complications before they are evident.