Improdia is an innovative diagnostic/prognostic company that develops a cluster of novel biomarkers monitoring the immune status of patients suffering from diseases associated with chronic inflammation.


Improdia was founded as a spin-off from Yissum (The R&D Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) based on a project that was born several years ago at the Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology, the Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the leadership of Professor Michal Baniyash. Over the years, multiple scientific articles related to the discoveries associated with Improdia’s milestones were published in prestigious scientific journals that are referenced by many research and medical projects.


Improdia’s mission is to optimize personalized treatments of patients suffering from pathologies characterized by chronic inflammation, in the last half century the incidence and prevalence of which are steadily increasing, with further rises expected. Improdia is developing a kit, based on revolutionary biomarkers, that can evaluate the individuals’ immune status and inflammatory conditions by means of a simple, rapid, reliable and non-invasive blood test. This immune status detecting golden standard kit will enable Improdia to be a world leader in this widespread medical field.


At Imdrodia, we believe that everyone should do what they know how to do the best and therefore, we embrace joining forces with other industrial partners dealing with fields complementary to our main focus, as each partner brings unique strengths, expertise and abilities into the partnership, towards the creation of an optimal product. Improdia is interested in considering partnership opportunities surrounding the science, production, and business of its technology.

For collaboration/partnership inquiries:
Tuvia Sofinzon, BSc, MBA, Chief Executive Officer.
Yair Klieger, PhD Chief Technology Officer.


Improdia currently maintains important partnerships with several academic, business and production institutions including:

Yissum - The R&D Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Hebrew University – Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research, Professor Michal Baniyahs’s laboratory.

Goldman Hirsh Partners (GHP) - an investment company specializing in the development and integration of new revolutionary technologies in various fields.

SBH Sciences - Preclinical contract research organization (CRO), focused on anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug development.

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